Godly dogwoods

Nothing is more beautiful than a cloudy day in early spring. Especially the dogwoods make it alluring. It was a great pleasure to listen to the joy in nature and rejuvenate. As I returned, daughters wanted to have Sushi for lunch. We celebrated good food with some sparkling fruit juice. A perfect day to live […]

There is so much beauty everywhere …

Just saw a beautiful flowering plant, got reminded about the words of Kevin Spacey from the movie American Beauty. I had a colleague called Calvin Guo back in 2001 who was immensely moved by this and often used to say this. Looked up at web and appreciated the poetic words again. Short version is here: […]

Spring is here

As we feel and touch the blossoms and green leaves, remembering Winter hardships does not serve us. Delve into joyous moments of Spring but remember these days will go away and scorching heat of Summer will ensue. Following the wisdom of Senecca, preparing the mind for hardship like a stoic makes big sense. But embracing […]

“The days are long, but the years are short”

Couple of years back, we had been to a wildlife reserve near Sanibel Island. It is little south of Fort Miers on gulf coast. It was sunset time with a glorious red Sun setting at the horizon. At Ding darling wildlife reserve there is a peaceful serene atmosphere filled with thousands of birds chirping welcoming […]